About the Author

Ivan Reynolds was born in Zululand  South Africa and did all his studies part time while holding down his normal day job.
He qualified with a Diploma in Road Transportation through Rand Afrikaans University, studied Management through the University of Stellenbosch Business School and qualified with an MBA through Milpark Business School in Johannesburg.

With over 30 years of management experience garnered in the logistics environment he has dealt with most situations a day to day manager would experience in the course of his work.  His work experience has covered public transport, media distribution, FMCG distribution including cold chain and foods distribution,  construction products  in the construction industry and polyolefin’s in the petrochemicals industry.

His forté lies in operational set-up and has been involved on a number of occasions in start-up operations of warehouses.
He is accomplished in budgeting, cost control and operational financial management.  He is experienced in setting of SOP’s, KPI’s and in negotiation Contracts and Service Level Agreements.

His strengths lie in team building, motivation and development of personnel and has considerable experience in management of diversified teams.  A good communicator with the ability to operate under pressure has helped traverse many difficult and delicate situations.

Experience in both the South African environment and the Middle East has brought him into contact with over thirty nationalities and cultures giving him expert knowledge in cross-cultural management

Twenty years of experience in the military covering two years of National Service and some 18 years of Citizen Force service saw him end his career as a Warrant Officer (Sergeant Major).  Experience in combat has taught him to remain cool under all circumstances and operate under extreme pressure.

With an eye for attention to detail, focus on operational excellence and safety, and setting of policies and procedures, skills have been developed to cover a multitude of operations.

A clear understanding of the relationship between strategic implementation, cost management, budgeting, operational excellence and customer service has resulted in well rounded General Management skills.

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