Motivating Yourself and Your Team to better Performance

This training session was covered in six sections.

Section One

Introductory section covering human verses corporate needs
Top-down Motivation and communication misconceptions
The Relationship between Leaders, Management and Motivation
The basic rules of Management, Leadership and Motivation

Section Two

Section focused on the need for personal motivation in leadership positions
Basic Principles of personal motivation
Personal Motivation – Comportment – how one should behave
Personal Motivation – Actions – what one can do

Section Three

Section consisted of a physical exercise and discussion on Personal Evaluation and goal setting

Section Four

Section focused on the basic principles of team motivation
Work gratification
Individual mentoring and motivation
People management and KPI’s
Team motivation

Section Five

Serendipitous motivation, how to harness good luck and good fortune
Impressions of leadership and success

Section Six

Section pulled together all the above sections
Focused on the link between motivation and meeting the requirements of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Closing Statement

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