Taking Control of your Productivity

After receiving an invitation from Field Services Management Middle East to do a presentation at their inaugural conference held in Dubai under the theme ‘Improving the Art of Service Delivery’, a presentation was made under the subject
‘Taking Control of Your Productivity and Service Excellence’.

The Presentation was made covering six progressive steps in implementing controls and measures and how to achieve service excellence through application of the discussed measures.

The sections were:

If you don’t Measure it, you can’t Manage it

This section briefly outlined the substance of the presentation.

Why Measure

This section covered the necessity to measure and what information can be derived from measuring.

What to Measure

This section covered the various areas in a business that could or should be measured.

People Management and KPI’s

This section covered setting of targets and KPI’s for departments, teams and individuals and how to ensure achievement of these by individuals and teams.

Team Management and Motivation

This section was largely derived from key issues covered in the book ‘Ivan’s Rules of Management’ on how to treat, motivate and manage individuals and teams and personal comportment of managers in motivating and assisting their teams and staff in achieving their targets and KPI’s.

Way Forward

This section covered what needs to be done in order to implement the above discussed items.

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